Become A Volunteer

Dear Volunteer:

Your service is vital to our mission.  We welcome your assistance sorting donations, volunteering at our monthly Life Skills classes, cleaning, stocking the Food Pantry, Day to Shine Client Event, landscaping, painting, etc.   Call our office or stop in at our Center to inquire about all the volunteer opportunities we have available.

The BWF Guidelines are listed below. If you have any questions, please call our office. View Our Volunteer Form


  • You must sign in and out every time you volunteer and complete a Volunteer application
  • You will NOT loan or give money to BWF clients. If a client asks for money you must inform a BWF staff member immediately
  • You may NOT transport BWF clients to or from events under any circumstances
  • You must make sure a woman is PRESENT AT ALL TIMES with children at our events. No men may be left alone with any children
  • You must keep all client files, discussions and information confidential
  • You will maintain proper dress code for all BWF functions: casual, modest clothing at Willman. We ask volunteers to wear red shirts and khaki pants at Day to Shine events
  • You will not use drugs or alcohol or curse at any BWF event
  • You must treat the clients and staff with the utmost respect
  • You will be of service to the clients and staff
  • If any problem arises with any individual, contact a BWF staff member immediately

Volunteer Information
The Battered Women’s Foundation is a unique organization dedicated to helping abused women and children escape the violence in their lives permanently. Our two-year program focuses on giving battered women the skills and support they need to become self-supporting members of society. Since 1995 the BWF Foundation’s assistance with education, counseling, transportation and daily living needs has helped thousands of women and kids break the cycle of violence in their families. As a small non-profit organization, we rely heavily on financial and volunteer support from the community. Your assistance in continuing our work is deeply appreciated.